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Increase And Retain High Productivity


Like all jobs, recruiting can be exhausting and it can be difficult to keep up your pace when you are struggling to find top candidates for your positions. Although everyone likes to think there is a singular perfect guide when it comes to success through productivity, let’s face it—there isn’t one. While it takes a lot of extra work to pay attention to your productivity levels while still doing a great job at your regular tasks, it will yield better results in the long run. With that being said, here are a few great tips to increase and retain high productivity in your recruiting job.

Taking Talent Management To New Heights With Background Check, E-Verify And WOTC Tracking

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We have new news. New news about new features. New news about new features that will make you happy!

As any savvy business today knows, Talent Management is no longer a nice-to-have, it is a necessity for growth and efficiency in today's marketplace. In an effort to keep you equipped to do your best work, we are committed to delivering solutions that provide improvements in cost, time and quality of hires. While other talent management solutions meet only a handful of needs, we are your one-stop shop!

Who Owns Company Culture?

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Will whoever owns company culture please stand up?

Not long ago I was sitting in a room full of HR professionals from every hot start up in the Silicon Valley: Eventbrite, Pinterest, Square, to name a few. The event? HR 2.0: Dealing With Fast Growth Tech. The idea? To have a conversation about the challenges and best practices in modern HR departments. Not surprising to me, the conversation quickly turned to culture and stayed there. For most of the night. 

Humanize Your Recruitment Process

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Technology is the tool, you are human.

As technology moves forward, we are losing our human touch. We find ourselves Facebooking instead of talking, texting instead of calling, emailing instead of, well, actually making contact. Recruitment has suffered the same depreciation of communication; we are treating our applicants as objects and commodities instead of actual human beings. This hurts business and begs the question: how can we make sure technology is a tool rather than the only thing we use?

The Social Media Donts List


Social networking. It’s a buzz word nowadays both in the business world and out. More and more recruiters and companies are using social media in order to bolster their brand and try to attract top applicants to their business. That being said, there are a number of things that individuals can do that can in fact harm a company’s social media presence rather than help it. Here are a few things to avoid doing in your social media mix that can cause less-than-perfect results and relationships.

How to Stay Afloat in Your Job Search

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                                                           Float on, job seekers! Float on.

Navigate Social Media Like a Boss!

Steering the boat

Let's talk about the internet. 

Is Internal Recruiting the Secret to Retention?


It seems strange that recruiting and retention are two things that aren't so tightly aligned in the modern job and employment markets. There are tons of companies that focus on either one or the other in terms of ensuring their success of having a quality staff, but ultimately they are doing themselves a disservice. Companies that focus on recruiting internally ultimately also enjoy the best retention rates of their key players. Here's why.

On That Workplace Happiness Trail

Trail and Birch

Workplace happiness is as much about strategy as it is about a commitment to people holistically. Employees are not just your employees, they are entire beings with feelings and needs apart from their job. A business that is serious will employ a serious strategy for happiness. Here are some great basics to start with!  

How To Lose Your Best Employees in 6 Easy Steps!

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In today's tough job market, it’s easier to lose your best employees than to gain solid replacements for them. Even the smallest, most seemingly-insignificant choices can be enough to send your top performers over to the other team. Here are a few common things that can cause your company to lose your best players.

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